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Free Pack of Pampers Nappies

10,000 available!

Quick, Boots are giving away a whopping 10,000 FREE Pampers ProCare Nappies. These are clinically tested to be super mild and delicate on your little ones skin and come in a choice of sizes, including Newborn or Mini.

Follow the link now and enter your details on the form and they’ll pop your free sample packs in the post for you to try on your little one.

What a handy little baby freebie! Perfect for when you’re running low on nappies. They are quite expensive these days so every little helps. Plus, you can’t get much better than Pampers – a brand leader for this baby essential.

These freebies are going super fast so make sure you claim yours and share with fellow parents today.

Here’s how to join:

1. Go to the website by clicking on the link button
2. Register by completing the online form
3. Submit your entry

Offer has Expired

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Do you want a chance to Win £15,000 cash? Do you want a chance to Win £15,000 cash?
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