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Claim back your mis-sold bank account fees – The average claim value is £2140!

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We are simply offering a completely free, no obligation check to see if your bank mis-sold you a Bank Account.

Typically, these were bank accounts that you paid a monthly fee for and were likely packaged with Travel Insurance, Interest Free Overdrafts, Mobile Phone Insurance or Breakdown Cover.

You might be spending up to £300 a year unnecessarily on a service that you don’t need or didn’t ask for.

You may be able to reclaim the total of the packaged bank account charges plus interest of 8% for the length of time that you paid.

Can I claim – Was I mis-sold a Packaged Bank Account?

Millions of people [Source: YouGov] have been mis-sold Packaged Bank Accounts. Typically this when you were charged a fee when sold a range of account add-ons such as mobile phone insurance, travel insurance and breakdown cover, interest free overdrafts and preferential rates on other banking products and services,  A lot of these account add-ons would have been unsuitable, costly or surplus to requirements for bank customers such as yourself. There were also occasions where existing bank customers had been upgraded without proper notification and have unknowingly actually been paying increased fees for a Packaged Bank Account.

Several of the household named high-street banks including Barclays, Lloyds, TSB, Halifax, Bank of Scotland, RBS and Nat West have been found guilty of mis-selling packaged bank accounts to their customers. Whether you had a Packaged Bank Account or are not sure if you had one or not then you should let us find out if you are due some much deserved compensation.

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Do you want a chance to Win £15,000 cash? Do you want a chance to Win £15,000 cash?
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