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Free Tote Bag

JUST MILK are giving away FREE Tote Bags – what a useful freebie!

They’ve released their healthy, long life milk range, which contains the same amount of calcium and is just as delicious as pasteurised milk, only it lasts longer and can be stored at room temperature.

This is because unlike pasteurised milk which is only heated to 72°c, long life milk is heated to 140°c which gets rid of every single spore present in untreated milk.

Very interesting! Fancy sporting an ‘I JUST HEART MILK’ Tote Bag? To enter for a chance to bag yours, follow the link, answer the question and then just enter your details – it’s that easy!

Good luck everyone! We’ve got our fingers crossed for you.

Here’s how to join:

1. Go to the website by clicking on the link button
2. Register by completing the online form
3. Submit your entry

Offer has Expired

Do you want a chance to Win £15,000 cash?

Do you want a chance to Win £15,000 cash? Do you want a chance to Win £15,000 cash?
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